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Virtual Assessment (Free)

The Virtual Assessment is a FREE assessment over the phone that offers the convenience of speaking with a consultant and reviewing your medical history to determine if you qualify for surgery. NOTE: A surgery quote is not included in the Virtual Assessment and may only be obtained through an official Phone Consultation or In-House Consultation.

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Phone Consultation With Consultant ($50)

When you book a Phone Consultation with a Consultant, you will receive an in-depth analysis over the phone reviewing your medical history, surgery history, submitted photos, and any and all questions you may have. The Phone Consultation is convenient for non-local patients and provides you with your procedural quote, a pre-operation packet, and access to the Dr. Curves Patient Portal. With your phone consultation, Dr. Jimerson will review your photos and provide his assessment.

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In-House Consultation With Consultant ($100)

With the In-House Consultation with a Consultant, you will meet your consultant and receive an in-depth analysis of your procedure of interest in person as your consultant reviews your medical and surgical history, captures photos of your areas of interest for in-house medical purposes, and takes you to receive a Full-Body Analysis with a print-out of your report. During your In-House Consultation, you will receive a quote for your surgical procedure and a tour of our facility.

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Consultation With Doctor ($500)

When you schedule an In-House Consultation with Dr. Jimerson, you will receive an in-person assessment from Dr. Jimerson’s medical perspective. During your consultation with Dr. Jimerson, you will have any and all of your questions about your upcoming procedure answered. You will also receive a Personal Success Representative, a Full-Body Analysis report detailing your health prior to surgery, a tour of the facility, and have your $500 consultation fee put towards your surgery deposit. A Consultant will also book your surgery and guide you through the necessary steps to receiving your surgery.

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